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Many businesses treat IT security as a problem to solve. However, as an ongoing and complex question, technology and data security is better served by skilful implementation of risk management. Because when technology is involved, there can be a lot of different and dangerous risks.

Keyspace security works with businesses who want to take no chances with their security.

Get the answers you need

  • How do you best protect your servers and other infrastructure?
  • Is your critical data backed up at the right times and right frequency?
  • Is your anti-virus & malware protection software up-to-date?

For businesses who can’t afford to risk their data or technology, Keyspace is a simple choice. Our security experts engage, consult and work with you to construct a virtual fortress around the IT assets your business uses and relies on. With a comprehensive security package that exceeds industry standards and compliance, your risk management policies around technology will be completely covered.

Is your risk management providing the right protection to keep your business systems going when things go wrong? Is your technology protecting your business or proving to be a weak point? Talk to us today to discuss your business’ needs around risk management and security.

"After having all our files encrypted by Scammers it was Keyspace that brought back our sanity and repaired and improved our system. . . . and now having offsite backup, is such a relief."

Donna Litterbach, Watershift

With your security systems monitored 24/7, you’ll know your data and systems will always be available and secure.


With your security systems monitored 24/7, you’ll know your data and systems will always be available and secure.


Meet rigorous compliance standards without disrupting your budget or business


Use Keyspace’s superior protection as a competitive advantage with your own clients

What you get from Keyspace?

Risk management is a critical activity that keeps businesses like yours operational after disaster strikes, and Keyspace’s security services can play a significant part in that. However, the many clients who ask Keyspace to look after their confidential data and protect their technology get a lot more than just security.

  • Your security systems are monitored 24/7 by certified experts, so that threats to your business are dealt with before you even know about them.
  • Keyspace can provide you with advice and strategy around risk management and security, so you get a fresh perspective on how effective your security is and how it can be strengthened.
  • Multi-layered security features such as email filtering form a fortress around your business’ technology, preventing malicious attacks or viruses from damaging your infrastructure and data.
  • Keyspace’s security experts stay on the cutting edge of security knowledge and issues, which means your business is protected from threats that exist today as well as tomorrow.
  • We’re able to identify and prioritise protection for the most vulnerable and valuable parts of your systems, so your pressure points are immediately covered.

Get a Free Consultation

In a 2015 survey, 45% of businesses asked in Asia-Pacific stated they had already moved their IT management to an external partner. If you need your technology strategy to be handled with the expertise of a full-time CIO working for your business (but without the expense), get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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