What is Business Analysis?

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Business Analysis in a nutshell

This has always been a consistent follow-up question I get whenever somebody asks me what I do for a living: What is Business Analysis? Oftentimes, I agree that this profession isn’t quite as mainstream and as well-defined as several others. I think it has something to do with the actual nature of the job. As Business Analysts, our roles evolve depending on the type of the project/initiative on hand. Business Analysts identify business and system needs and formulate solutions to meet those needs. We are process and system designers. We bridge the gap between the vision and actualisation of business solutions. But how do we do it? Every BA has their own way, but let me tell you mine.

First, I sit with the end users and let them show me their process.

I ask all sorts of questions. Essentially, I need to get the reason why they are doing something their way. This enables me to know exactly what they wanted as an outcome of the engagement.

Then I look at the overall business process

I need to understand what my client is trying to achieve overall. I educate myself of their business process.

Next, I re-look at the specific processes whether they support the overall goal in the most efficient way

How do I do it? I explore other possible options and pathways, best practices and trends. I keep an open mind. I am not restricted by the “I am used to do this” or “This is what I am taught to do”. I guess that’s what makes my job interesting. I got to explore different perspectives.

I formulate solutions to meet the business needs

This can either be a different way of doing things in a more efficient way or a completely new process. I collaborate with the client and review solutions with them. I achieve this by providing visual representation of the solution (a new screen design, an updated process flow, a detailed requirement document, a proposal for change, or a business case). I also get the chance to flesh it all out into detailed technical documents.

This is what Business Analysis is for me. Well at least the way I would explain in a none technical language. If you would like to sit down and see how I can help your business please call now for a FREE Consultation.

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