A Strategic Approach to Technology

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Never before have we seen such a rich and vibrant landscape of technology available to business.   While often innovative and popular, they are not always business relevant which is why it is important to take a strategic approach to technology.

Each year, new start up companies emerge with the next great idea to improve productivity, increase visibility into your business and fill the gaps that are found in other platforms and make their mark on the business world.   The major players too, who already have their market share in technology, are looking for new avenues, new streams to increase their piece of the pie while at the same time offering a better platform to their customers.

As a business leader, how do you navigate these emerging technologies which can significantly drive growth and reduce cost in your organisation without breaking what you've worked so hard to build already?

One of the fantastic things about the modern age is the freedom of information.  The ability to research and evaluate products and services before engaging with providers.  The ability to be a savvy customer and see through the sales spin.  Increasingly, the engagements and the discussions that I have with customers are not a matter of "what should I buy?", but rather "how can you make this work for our business?"

As a technology consultant it is my job to work with you and match your technology to your business.  Here are some key questions to help get clarity on what you are looking to achieve:

Technology for what purpose?  

What are the outcomes that you are looking to get from implementing the new software or technology solution?

Do you already have technology to meet your outcomes?

Often businesses have access to untapped potential in their existing technology that they were not aware of.   If your existing technology can suit your requirements then it makes sense to leverage the investment that you have already made.

Why are those outcomes important to your business?  

Is it worth investing the time and effort into implementing a new solution? What is the tangible return on investment?

By taking a strategic approach to technology; getting clarity on what the business outcomes are and how much of an impact the changes will make, as well as considering your existing technology, not only can you significantly reduce costs but also improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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