Taking a strategic approach to technology is crucial in making sure your business has a robust, resilient platform to support growth and reduce risk to your operations and sensitive data. Businesses often lack the knowledge, expertise and resources to define this strategy and align technology to their business goals, unless at great expense through recruiting a skilled resource.  At Keyspace, we partner with businesses such as yours to provide these high-level strategic services, when you need it and at a mere fraction of the cost of a specialist employee.

Through our CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) solution, we work closely with key stakeholders inside your business to get a complete understanding of your technology operations and processes.

We then take on the technology management within your organisation strategically and operationally.

We work with you in an advisory capacity to provide:

Professional Guidance

To help you make well-informed and considered decisions that will benefit your business


To oversee systems implementation and technology projects

Value Assessment

To assess the true cost and value of existing technology, as well as any introduced to the business

Resource Management

To keep your technology costs to a minimum while maximising efficiency

By taking on these critical strategic responsibilities, Keyspace allows you to focus on what you do best; making your business a success.

When you engage Keyspace as your CIO, you get a highly-skilled consultant dedicated to improving your IT and technology.  But your relationship with us won’t finish here.  You also gain the backing of an entire team to define technology strategy, refine processes and improve your operations to support your business into the future.

Our CIO as a Service package is tailored to your specific business with options available to best suit your budget and business circumstances.  Some of our partners utilise our qualified consultants in-office 1 to 2 days a week, while others consult on-demand via phone and email to deal with issues or discuss new ideas and innovation as they arise.

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To give your business the strategic technology support it needs, our CIOaaS packages provide you with:

  • Expert technology, business strategy and advice on demand that is aligned with your business, all without the enormous expense of a full-time CIO
  • Significantly increased business productivity and efficiency that makes the most of your technology assets
  • Significantly decreased risk to your organisation, operations and data
  • Ongoing technology management and systems optimisation
  • Simplified and supported decision making processes for all stakeholders in the business

Want to know more?

In a 2015 survey, 45% of businesses asked in Asia-Pacific stated they had already moved their IT management to an external partner.  If you need your technology strategy to be handled with the expertise of a full-time CIO working for your business (but without the expense), get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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