Office365 Tap – new feature for Word and Outlook

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Keyspace partner Microsoft has recently released some very cool new features for Office365! Finding and inserting content you created earlier in Word or Outlook is easier then every with new Office365 Tap.

When creating a Word document, it’s pretty common to want to include images or tables from previous Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. In the past, you would have had to locate the required file, open it and manually copy across the component you were after. With Office365 Tap, you can do it quickly and easily from within Word itself. Using the Tap pane, you’ll be presented with a selection of the files you use most frequently. If you don’t find what you’re after there, you can use the search feature to find the file you need and from there it’s a click away to select and insert the image or table you want.

At the moment, Tap isn’t optimised for finding and inserting chunks of text. Documents with matching text appear in the search results but you’ll need to open the document the old-school way and likewise find and insert the text you want.

You can also use Tap in Outlook to find and embed previous content in your emails without attaching the whole document.

Checkout this video for more details:

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