Maps in Excel – a new chart type

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Following on from our coverage of the new Tap feature for Office365, we now look at 'Maps in Excel' - another new Office 365 feature.

Ever had geographical Excel data to display and longed for a pretty but instantly understandable way to present it? If yes, Office365's new map chart type is for you. You can produce a visualisation of your data in an attractive map format as easily as producing a line or bar chart.

To start, create one column for your locations (eg: countries, states, post codes, etc) and another for the data you want to show for them (either numeric values or category values). From that point, you can choose to display the data in map form. Simple, yes?

Admittedly, you may need to add extra location information columns if your first column isn't specific enough. And you'll need to get your head around the difference between 'value' and 'category' data. And you'll need to add formatting information to make your map appear just as you want it to. But, in general, you can get a professional map visualisation with very little effort or complexity.

See here for details on creating map charts:

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