IT Service Management

A partnership with Keyspace means you get the technical know-how combined with the commercial acumen to help your business realise its goals.

We believe that letting businesses focusing on business is only half the formula for a success story. We think that when business AND technology align to target shared goals and vision, success is a much surer prospect.


Technology is probably not your business.

Nevertheless, it plays a critical role in the success or failure of that business.

So you need IT services that are more than just “services” – you need tailored, customised support that you can count as an asset.


Keyspace partners with clients every day to help make the vision of their business a reality. Every part of our support is designed to make our IT services fit seamlessly with your business operations, from our responsive and skilled staff to our extensive consultation with you before we lay a single cable.

Did you know that Australian organisations spend 34% of their digital enterprise budget on IT?

With Keyspace as your IT Services partner, it’s not just you focused on making your business the best it can be.
It’s our focus together.

Keyspace doesn’t provide generic or cookie-cutter IT services. Instead, you’ll get:

Tailored Services

Services built and aligned on your business’ unique needs, goals and vision

Adaptive Services

Services that adapt and evolve to meet new opportunities and challenges your business will face today and tomorrow

Growth-ready Services

Services that develop and scale to tackle the demands of your ever-growing, increasingly successful business

Calling up Keyspace and getting to know their great team has been the best thing that's ever happened to our IT infrastructure.

Rachael Newitt, Phenix


Align your IT services to accomplish YOUR goals, vision and business success


A predictable, straight-forward and up-front cost for all IT services


Don't maintain expensive in-house technical staff, scale your support up and down as you need


Take advantage of our experienced team of skilled and fully-certified engineers


We work closely with you to provide your business with the IT services it needs to grow and thrive, something our existing clients happily confirm. Some of the top reasons those clients choose to partner with us include:

  • Our skilled team of engineers are locally based in Brisbane and South-East Queensland, meaning they’re able to respond immediately to any on-site problems
  • 24/7 responsive remote support can provide instant assistance and complete maintenance tasks for a fraction of what in-house IT support costs
  • Regardless of the technology project or challenge facing your business, you’ll be able to solve it by tapping into the vast range of expertise Keyspace can provide
  • With some of our clients, we’ve truly become a partner in the way we understand their business needs, the technology solutions in place and what needs to be done to support them if challenges re-occur
  • Keyspace engineers are continually trained and upskilled to learn new techniques and improve their knowledge of existing technologies, so your business gets the professionalism, expertise and care it deserves


Imagine a reliable IT services partner you can trust to not just keep the lights on, but work as hard as you to build a successful business. A locally-based, responsive IT services partner that’s fixing and optimising the technology your business relies on without you saying a word. An expert IT services partner with a staff of fully-qualified and skilled engineers trained to not just fix problems or install servers, but to consult, engage and get the most from your technology... the way you need it.

That IT services partner is Keyspace.

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Almost 25% of Australian SMBs choose to utilise external IT resources, allowing them to focus on business operations.  Think your business can gain efficiencies by using an IT services expert to handle your technology?  Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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