Watchguard Hyper V

For the best-in-class, performance-driven network security solutions

Using the latest WatchGuard XTM, XCS and SSL appliances you get blazing fast throughput combined with advanced networking features to handle high-volume traffic securely – and at an affordable price. Just what your business needs to lower risk and increase IT security.

Watchguard Data Loss Prevention

We are WatchGuard Professional Partners and our Certified System Professionals can supply, install and manage the following security appliances for you:

Watchguard Professional Partner

  • Keyspace Managed Security Services – We will install, manage and maintain WatchGuard XTM, XCS, SSL and other security products to give you a hassle free solution all at a fixed monthly cost so you have peace of mind that your business is secure and with predictable budgeting
  • WatchGuard Extensible Threat Management (XTM) Appliances – Enterprise-grade security including full HTTPS content inspection, VoIP support, and optional security subscriptions like Application Control and Intrusion Prevention Service, from the XTM 25 through to the XTM 2520 and Next Generation Firewall WatchGuard appliances as well as the XTMv Virtual Firewall.
  • WatchGuard Extensible Content Security (XCS) Appliances – Deliver the industry’s most effective defence-in-depth solution for email security, web security and data loss prevention with the help of the XCS170, 370, 570, 770R, 970 and the 1170 appliances and the XCSv Virtual Content Security.
  • WatchGuard Remote Access Solutions (SSL) Appliances – Providing reliable client and clientless connectivity to corporate data and resources, such as email, file shares and CRM with the SSL 100 and the SSL 560 Remote Access Solutions.
  • WatchGuard Access Points – Secure your WLAN from today’s sophisticated, blended threats with WatchGuard’s new AP100 and AP200 wireless access points
  • WatchGuard Virtual Appliances (XTMv & XCSv) – WatchGuard offers fresh and innovative virtual security deployment options for businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large businesses and service providers

Edited By David Williams