The benefits of an IP Security Camera System


The Keyspace team recently completed the installation of 3 Hikvision IP security cameras and Network Video Recorder in their office. They have installed a few of these at client sites but wanted to ensure they use the product day to day and get hands on use of their own IP security camera system. So why… Read More »

Why your business should consider Managed IT Services


Consider Managed IT Services as a great opportunity for your business to focus their internal staff members time and efforts on growing and improving it. While allowing outside advisors such as Keyspace to ensure their technology is being delivered cost-effectively and securely. Over the years we have noted three main areas of focus for business… Read More »

6 Reasons To Consider Security Cameras For Your Business


To help our customers protect their business even further, Keyspace has expanded its range of services to include the supply and installation of Hikvision commercial security cameras. Hikvision is recognised as the world’s number 1 video surveillance equipment provider with cameras offering HD and 4K (12MP) resolution along with both waterproof and blastproof casings. There… Read More »

7 Business Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS)


When you decide to bring a new technology into your business, you’d like to shorten the time it takes between decision and using that technology. A great way to shorten that time is to use hardware and other systems that are already set up and fully managed instead of buying and configuring your own. Faster… Read More »

What’s the best Accounting Practice IT Package?


What's the best Accounting Practice IT Package? Following on from the introduction of a referral program last month we are proud to announce the launch of a new offering specifically designed for Accounting Practices. What's on offer? Whether you are looking to move to the Cloud with Xero or require an on premises solution for… Read More »

Should Your Business Use Managed IT Services?


Should your business use Managed IT Services? We are often asked by clients what the difference is between break/fix IT support work and our monthly Managed Services packages. For those who are unsure – Break/Fix is just that, something in your IT infrastructure breaks and we come and fix it as and when needed and… Read More »

Keyspace Referral Program


It is with great pleasure that we announce the introduction of a referral program to reward our Managed IT Services customers who refer us to their business contacts. We love working closely with our customers and this is our way of saying thank you and giving back to those with the confidence in our ability… Read More »

Are You Prepared for Mandatory Data Breach Notifications?


The Australian Government has established a Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme, to ensure that affected individuals are notified about serious data breaches. The NDB scheme will apply to all businesses, government agencies and other organisations covered by the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and will commence on 22 February 2018. What is a Notifiable… Read More »

What is Business Analysis?


Business Analysis in a nutshell This has always been a consistent follow-up question I get whenever somebody asks me what I do for a living: What is Business Analysis? Oftentimes, I agree that this profession isn’t quite as mainstream and as well-defined as several others. I think it has something to do with the actual nature… Read More »

A Strategic Approach to Technology


Never before have we seen such a rich and vibrant landscape of technology available to business.   While often innovative and popular, they are not always business relevant which is why it is important to take a strategic approach to technology. Each year, new start up companies emerge with the next great idea to improve productivity,… Read More »

Maps in Excel – a new chart type


Following on from our coverage of the new Tap feature for Office365, we now look at 'Maps in Excel' - another new Office 365 feature. Ever had geographical Excel data to display and longed for a pretty but instantly understandable way to present it? If yes, Office365's new map chart type is for you. You… Read More »

Office365 Tap – new feature for Word and Outlook


Keyspace partner Microsoft has recently released some very cool new features for Office365! Finding and inserting content you created earlier in Word or Outlook is easier then every with new Office365 Tap. When creating a Word document, it’s pretty common to want to include images or tables from previous Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. In… Read More »

Dust buildup in your computer – the cause of your problem?


Why is my computer going so slow? Well, there’s a LOT of things that could be. But if your machine has been used heavily without being cleaned internally, it could be to do with dust buildup in your computer that's choking the CPU fan and/or video card fan.   The facts: Your computer can detect… Read More »

Optimising your LinkedIn presence


Optimising your LinkedIn presence Having looked at the basics of LinkedIn in our previous article, we now take a quick look at some strategic approaches to optimising your LinkedIn presence. Endorsements and Recommendations LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations are quite similar in that both are ways for people to publicly vouch for your skills and expertise… Read More »

The basics of LinkedIn – purpose and core features


The basics of LinkedIn Today we continue our social media blogging theme by looking at the basics of LinkedIn. When lined up against other social networks, LinkedIn seems a bit strange. At first glance, it has normal social network features – users maintain a profile with information about themselves, they can post content and, most… Read More »

Why use Google+? Some reasons it’s right for your business


Why use Google+ Is Google+ right for you? The debate over whether businesses should bother with Google+ is complex with strong arguments on both sides. So why use Google+? Below we examine some of those reasons.   For a social network, Google+ lacks a significant user base Although Google+ boasts a huge number of user accounts… Read More »

Introducing Google+ – core features and content sharing


Introducing Google+ Google+ is a strange creature. It was launched in mid-2011 as Google’s own social network but, despite what you might expect from a social tool created by an (or, arguably, the) internet giant, it never really took off. When introducing Google+, it’s interesting to note that it has all the basic social network… Read More »

Extending Pinterest – improve experience and profit


Extending Pinterest In our last blog, we looked at the basics of beautiful social network Pinterest. Today we take the next step with a quick collection of nifty ways to start extending Pinterest experiences and increasing profit.   Skimlinks A clever way to make money from your Pinterest activity. Skimlinks helps you post affiliate links… Read More »

Pinterest basics – an introduction to a social media giant


Pinterest Basics Pinterest is in many ways similar to fellow image/video sharing social network Instagram. Both were launched in 2010, both focus on sharing and maintaining repositories of quality images and video and both are extraordinarily popular – Pinterest currently has an active user base of around 100 million people, compared to Instagram’s 500 million… Read More »

Extending Instagram – advanced and uncommon features


Extending Instagram - it can do more than you might think Instagram continues to grow and can already do cool things you had no idea about. There’s also a bunch of tools you can use to prepare and edit your images before uploading them to Instagram. Here’s a few of our favourite tools for extending… Read More »

Introducing Instagram – what it is and what it does


Introducing Instagram – an overview To start introducing Instagram, let's look at the basics - Instagram is a massively popular social network, with around 500 million monthly active users as of June this year. It focuses on sharing photos, but rolled out support for short videos (up to fifteen seconds long) in 2013. Much like… Read More »

Need a new website? Here’s some key indicators


How to tell if you need a new website? Hi everyone! Jenn here and today I’ll be talking to one of my favourite topics – website features, online trends and what this says about your web presence! Read on to get familiar with some indicators that can help you decide if you need a new… Read More »

More Snapchat features – extending your experience


More Snapchat features In our previous blog, we looked at the basics of Snapchat – what it is and how to use it. Today we’ll be checking out more Snapchat features and what you can do with these 'advanced' or less well-known options.   Replay a snap Snapchat has recently updated how this works. In… Read More »

Introducing Snapchat – what is it and why should you care?


Snapchat – what is it? Snapchat is one of the newer social media channels to appear – it’s only five years old – but in its short life so far, it has gained incredible popularity… reportedly even overtaking Twitter in number of daily active users. Figures from early this year showed around 9000 Snapchat messages… Read More »

Benefits of Social Media – four ways to support your business


Benefits of Social Media Oh, where to start?! So many things to say in so little time. Here’s a quick high-level look at some of the benefits of social media - four ways a carefully and regularly maintained social media presence can help to grow and support your business.   Broadcasting where you’ll be heard… Read More »

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